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Simplified procedure

T.S. TRANSPED SP. Z O.O informs about the possibility of settlement on the basis of Article 33 of the Act on tax and goods services.This gives the possibility of placing the goods under the simplified procedure and account import VAT on the import declaration VAT-7.

According to (Article 33a of the VAT Act) for a simplified procedure with the possibility of imports account for VAT in the tax return without having to pay VAT for customs clearance.

Benefitsof the simplified procedure in imports:

Provides possibility of non-cash settlement of VAT on imported goods for Polish importers, importer accounts for VAT in the tax return, without having to pay VAT for customs clearance in accordance with art. 33a of the VAT Act. Using the simplified procedure the importer does not need to “freeze” cash in the amounts of VAT, so that can quickly turn equity.

Article 33 of the VAT Act apply in conjunction with the benefits it brings AEO status will reduce clearance time to one hour, and limit the amount of revisions.

The companyThe company wants to use this possibility should:

  1. First notify the tax office of its intention to take advantage of the rules laid down in Article 33 of the VAT Act.
  2. Second register for VAT (active).
  3. Third submit to the Customs Office in Gdynia (Gdansk) notice of intention to use the principles of settlement laid down in Article 33 of the VAT Act.
  4. Submit to the Customs Office in Gdynia (Gdansk) a statement that no arrears in social security contributions and taxes on transfers of state budget income.
If you are interested in simplified clearance procedure please do not hesitate to contact us and we will send you details of the requirements.
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